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What intelligent food testing equipment more popular on the market


With rising living standards, people's demand for food is no longer stay in to eat, but eat more concerned about whether safety and health. How to eliminate the consumer on food safety issues, "scared", the food companies, supermarkets and other food circulation area farms have stepped up food testing work, the use of all types of intelligent detection equipment for the food security escort. Today we have to understand, the most popular on the market of smart food testing equipment which NO.1 food safety rapid detector?:

Food safety rapid detection biggest feature is the "fast", ideal for food testing work supermarkets, farmers farms and other non-professional organizations, such as whether the excessive pesticide residues in vegetables, pork is detected whether or not containing clenbuterol and the like.

极速赛车注册平台 Food safety rapid detector works: food samples were seized in the relevant index components and reagent specific reaction under certain conditions, the products of different color depth can be generated by detecting the absorbance value by the built-in standard instrument curve software automatically calculates the exact concentration of the sample can be drawn from the index components and the results are excessive. NO.2 pesticide veterinary drug residues, additives and other chemical detection equipment:

Pesticide contamination is a major source of food contamination, pesticide detection is very important to ensure food safety of agricultural products. Normally, nerve conduction enzymatic metabolism (acetylcholine) is hydrolyzed, a hydrolyzate thereof is reacted with chromogenic agent, a yellow substance, measured by a spectrophotometer absorbance at 412nm with time variation value, the inhibition rate was calculated by the inhibition rate It can determine whether the sample contains residual organophosphate or carbamate pesticides. It can organophosphate and carbamate pesticide residues in rapid detection site. It can be widely used in product quality supervision and inspection, health and epidemic prevention, environmental protection, business administration, wholesale vegetable market, vegetable production bases, supermarkets, shopping malls, pesticide residue monitoring system and other departments of vegetables and fruits pesticide residues detected.

NO.3 metals, non-metallic elements and foreign material detecting device:

极速赛车注册平台 Testing Once the metal impurities into the magnetic field, the magnetic field is disturbed this balance is broken, the induced voltages of the two receiving coils will not be able to offset the induced voltage is not offset by the enlargement process via a control system, and generate an alarm signal (detected metal impurities). The alarm system can automatically remove the signal driving means, so as to exclude the metallic impurities other than the production line. NO.4 food packaging testing equipment:

Suitable for food flexible packaging and plastic bottles, cans seal test. Can effectively compare and seal process and sealing performance evaluation test by flexible packages, providing a scientific basis for determining the relevant technical requirements. NO.5 laboratory equipment:

Sample preparation, laboratory equipment and ancillary equipment, accessories, consumables, reagents and related equipment.

NO.6 microbes, disease, endotoxin detection equipment;

For bacterial endotoxin (pyrogen) detection, β- glucan (fungus, mold), ELISA and various ELISA testing.

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